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remained as two significant

 Status of education and wealth have remained as two significant demand-side factors for predicting outcomes. Findings also show that wealth status has an effect that is regressive to usage. This implies that the existing exemption from fees to users may not be enough to increase the number of people who use the fansonlysports fans only sports Website fans only sports co uk service. Rather, it may be important to consider also addressing the direct and indirect costs of healthcare through demand-side incentives. Also important is the need to increase the readiness of public facilities to offer RMNCH-N-related care, because of the lower influence of public facilities (vis in comparison to the private for-profit sector). This will help to maintain the current trend of care-seeking. Conversely, the sincere care-seeking of pregnant mothers and women could not yield proportional improvements in RMNCH-N status and the reduction in mortality.