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magnitude of demand

 Determining the importance in the magnitude of demand as well as supply-side variables, however, isn’t an easy task due to their variability and complexity. It requires regular monitoring.

 A recent research paper on policy tried to address this issue by employing Machine Learning (ML), methods to identify priority investments that can assist Bangladesh in making progress towards RMNCH–N utilization. Notwithstanding noticeable alldaysports all day sports Website all day sports us improvements in the RMNCHN-related landscape, the utilization of certain essential services like institutional delivery and skilled birth attendance and postnatal visits have not been adequate to reach the goals of the RMNCH-N program in Bangladesh. Inequities, for example persist in the area of health and service use status among different socio-economic groups. Strategically planned investments in prioritised determinants are key to accelerating the pace of progress.