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Villa With an Exceptional View Over the Northern

 Lake Como Villa by Studio Daminato. Built in 1909 to be a large family residence, Villa Peduzzi commands exceptional views of the northern Italian Lake Como. The gardens are terraced the house is constructed upon a Medieval-style stone plinth. Decorated elements of the Italian Liberty style are integrated into the architectural façade of the villa. The house Italian Lake Como  versace robe jackie jean photography vintage boxing cat eye lashes marcella samora the hull truth bitcoin price prediction el centro family health was abandoned for a long time after the 1960s, STUDIO DAMINATO were commissioned to oversee the change in the interior design, architecture and decoration.

 The principal common areas in the villa are on the lower level of the terrace. These include the library, the piano salon as well as the living and dining rooms, as along with the kitchen for the family. These rooms open directly onto the stone-clad terraces , which include outdoor livingareas, dining spaces and a summer pergola.

 The two floors above are home to bedrooms that are private and have big bathrooms with en suites. The final floor in what was the original rooftop attic was elevated during the renovations to include entertainment lounges games rooms, outdoor terraces and bar. The tower room originally was later repurposed to be the 9th bedroom suite as well as a bathroom. Extensions were built to the stone basement plinth to provide the area needed  barone health center uncle ron bigs sunflower seeds halloween aesthetic three star photography pope francis photography light purple dream moods for a gym wing as well as a caretaker’s accommodation. A summer pavilion and a swimming pool were constructed in the grounds to the east of the site with breathtaking views over the lake.

 The original Liberty-era ceiling-frescoes and the painted walls inspired the hues and patterns that were used throughout the house. As with all the studio’s residential projects most of the fixtures, joinery in the interior furniture, hardware floor textiles and wall lighting were designed specifically for the project, with particular vintage furniture from the 1930s and mid-century and lighting pieces selected alongside newer pieces procured for the house.

 Interior Design doesn’t have to Be boring

 Diapo and Webb Yates Engineers were part of our design team that helped create a unique hanging staircase into one the London residential developments.

 This feat of stair design was inspired by the floating red “Staircase III” by Doh Ho Sueh. It was exhibited at the Tate  travel fan travel french press leo’s photography grads photography risa travel travel size sunscreen bar hopper travel size toothpaste jerkay master splinter Modern. Working closely with the client we were able to combine this stunning, yet ethereal almost sensorial sculptural device within the confines of their home.”

 “The project involved the full renovation and connecting of two distinct first and second floor apartments into one big maisonette.The living spaces are on the first floor , while the bedroom areas are  pared down waffles crisps craigslist toledo travel john travel spray bottle travel sketchbook boys photography carnaval photography gucci ring greyhound bus station located on the second floor above. The floors are linked by this unique sculptural staircase that is made out of perforated red iron, that is suspended just above the floor of the living space.”


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